Express Pro r-Trio Max mopp

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Product Benefits

  • Easy gliding loop construction adjusts to any hard surface, even heavily soiled.
  • Perfected 4-line cleaning zones
    • Strong scrubbing zones to loosen trapped dirt
    • Microfibre zones for deep cleaning
    • Highly absorbent outer zones for excellent pick up of spills,loose dirt and hair
    • Low friction center zone for smooth gliding
  • Ideal for wide sqm-floor coverage
  • Made using more than 35% recycled materials
  • Up to 99.9% Bovine coronavirus removal from vinyl surfaces, tested by a 3rd party lab
  • Optimized mop frame attachment, improved holding force of hook & loop backing and convenient mop hangers
  • Durable performer: Withstands up to 500 machine washes
  • European manufacturing
Beskrivelse Størrelse (cm) Varenr kartog Pk/kartong Varenr pk Stk/pk
Express Pro r-Trio Max 40 173433 20 173434 1
Express Pro r-Trio Max 60 173435 20 173436 1

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